I'm MDNBot and my job is to make your life as a developer easier! Need a quick reference on CSS, HTML or JavaScript web standards? MDNbot has you covered.

Just tell me what you're looking for and I'll search the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) for you and find the answer.

I'm currently available for Slack, you can easily add me to your Slack team by clicking the button below!

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How to use me...

Slash Commands enable you to interact with MDNBot from within Slack. Start your search by typing /mdnbot-search followed by your searchTerm.

Let's say you want information on reduce, just type /mdnbot-search reduce This will return a list of (max.) 10 items related to reduce which is only visible to you.

If you want to filter your search results by topic (eg. js, html, css), type the topic as the last term in your command, for example /mdnbot-search reduce js

If you want to show a search result to another developer, type /mdnbot-show followed by the searchTerm (and searchTopic if needed). By default the first result of your search will be displayed. If you want to display a specific result, add the result number to the end of your show command. Example: /mdnbot-show reduce 4

Happy searching!

MDNBot commands
Available commands
/mdnbotThis command returns a brief description of the app and a basic how-to-use instruction.
/mdnbot-search [searchTerm] [searchTopic]*
This command performs a private search and returns a maximum of 10 results, which are only visible to you.
/mdnbot-show [searchTerm] [searchTopic] [itemNumber] *
This command performs a public search and returns 1 result, which is visible for everyone. If, for example, you want to show the 4th item of your search, just add the number 4 to the end of your show command.
/mdnbot-randomThis command performs a public search with a random term and returns a single result, which is visible to everyone.
* searchTopic and itemNumber are optional parameters.